November 18, 2013

Aston Villa Review: Episode 59 - Red Bull?

Another week off for internationals and it's very, very quiet in the world of Aston Villa. No matter: this week's Aston Villa Review is a gleefully taken opportunity to welcome some listener questions and let you guide the show for once. So, we answer a few of your questions and then delve a little deeper into an entirely theoretical Red Bull takeover of the club.

The energy drink brand has clubs in Austria, Germany, the USA and Brazil, but there are rumours of interest in the Premier League. Some say Villa would be ripe for the picking; we disagree, and we can't imagine it happening. Nevertheless, the questions that underpin it are intriguing and worthy of discussion. Well, they are during an international break, anyway.

Don't forget you can read bitesize Villa news at Aston Villa Daily.

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