February 22, 2016

Aston Villa Review: Episode 147 - Villa defiance goes to pot

Mercifully, Chris and Steve were unable to record last week because of work commitments. But we were at the Aston Villa v Liverpool match and we haven't avoided it altogether because we discuss it very briefly in this week's episode of Aston Villa Review. There's also a short preview of the Stoke City game, but we kind of get distracted.

But the main focus this week is the #OutTheDoorOn74 demonstration. The shape this football club is in is a disgrace and a group of supporters is leading the way on the protest front by organising a walk-out against Everton. We talk about the demonstration and whether we're entitled to be angry. Warning: if you don't want to hear two blokes reach the end of their patience, this ain't for you.

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